So much to do, so little time…

April 10, 2010

I’m in my qualifying exams of my PhD program and have an 8-month-old baby, so I shouldn’t be surprised, but MAN life is so busy.  I could use at least another 4 hours in each day.

My first entry here is a wish-list of things I would like to post soon.  Maybe when I have a few minutes here or there, I can make one of these posts instead of zoning out while watching Highlander.  (Of course, zoning out has its merits as well.)  See my dreams for the near future of this blog after the jump.

Potential future posts:

  • So You Want to Go to Grad School:  In my ideal world, I would make a series of these, including the aforementioned, as well as “So You Are Going to College” and maybe even some field-specific ones.  In my IDEAL ideal world, it would be video podcasts that are fake 1950s educational films (*pokes Miranda of*), but that is a time investment I’ll probably never have.  It’s nice to dream though.  Anyway, I’d want to use these to outline the risks and benefits of going to grad school in a more balanced and pleasant way than, say, Thomas H. Benton.
  • Amusing illustrated kids’ books. If I had a good idea or two, I would be making these in my spare time.  Lucas made a joke about his ridiculously ugly slippers one day: “Daddy had some ugly shoes. One day, Mommy set them on fire. Serves Daddy right.  They were ugly shoes.”  I thought that would be funny to illustrate in the style of a baby book (think the kind that has cloth or cardboard pages).  Of course, I need some ideas that are funny but that don’t involve modeling very dangerous behaviors, because I’d want to actually print a book and read it to Kira, and I would rather she didn’t set any shoes on fire.  Of course, maybe I’m being a crazy helicopter parent, and I should just teach her to be responsible with fire, and to understand when something is just being silly, and above all else keep fire-making implements out of her reach until she can understand such conditional logic.  Anyway.

    I’d want to release these baby books under a Creative Commons license, so if anyone has any ideas for a funny baby/kid’s book that you’d like to see illustrated (I’m making no promises about the quality of my illustration), I’ll take suggestions (so long as you’re willing to release your idea to me under a CC license).

  • Here’s a shortie:  I want to write a post about how much I suck at the Chronicles of Riddick games, and first-person shooters in general, in the context of some game-enjoyment theory (esp John Sherry’s 2004 paper Flow and Media Enjoyment, which is the granddaddy or something to my dissertation research).  Playing Riddick (which I have done so far for a grand total of maybe an hour, both because it’s so frustrating and because I have so little free time) is a flashback to playing Conker’s Bad Fur Day… a game I wanted SO BADLY to play for the content, but that frustrated me SO MUCH because the controls were hard for me to master.  I was both proud and flabbergasted when I actually finished that game.  (Also, relatively unrelated to anything intelligent whatsoever, but that’s not all Conker and Riddick have in common–Conker’s Bad Fur Day also had the EXACT same ending as the Chronicles of Riddick movie.  Exact.)
  • And, of course, the usual… Book/movie/whatever reviews, stuff I’m thinking about that takes a little more time and energy to compose than your average tweet or pic posted to Facebook.  I read Brightsided awhile back and really wanted to write up a review for it, but never did.  Hey, I should be happy that I read something for fun, right?

One Response to “So much to do, so little time…”

  1. cj Says:

    I love the “Serves Daddy right” story! I laughed a lot. None of them are pipe dreams–none of them are impossible– just very fun possibilities. You need to be drawing more anyway; it’s good for your soul.

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